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Sushant Bansode

Sushant is a top Android developer with a proven knack for designing and developing efficient, high-performance, user-friendly mobile applications. He is currently working as Senior Android Developer at Birds Eye Systems. Birds Eye Systems provides real time traffic information to road commuters in India (Ridlr). At Birds Eye Systems he is involved in development of mobile apps for various platforms, providing support and maintaining the apps. He has In-depth knowledge of industry practices and application development protocols. He has 6+ yrs experience in developing Android applications.

Job Information

Senior Android Developer at Birds Eye Systems(Current)

Software Engineer at BPO Softtech(Past)


Android Developer

At Birds Eye Systems he is currently involved in design and implementation of Android Application(Ridlr).
At BPO Softtech he was into creating Android Apps.


Android App

Ridlr is an easy-to-use Public transport App. Get timings and timetables of bus, metro, train and monorail travel in your city.

IOS App - This app gives out information about live traffic in your city. So before you leave you can check the road traffic conditions and plan accordingly.

Domain Expert



-Google Maps

-Push Notification


-Good UI